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Apple Event Reaction & iPhone Macro, Cinematic Mode Thoughts

Apple event reaction and thoughts on the new iPhone camera features among other things! Also, I answer those business related questions from the iPad video awhile back...

Some Life Motivation Mixed With Some Apple News!

We're ramping up to the big iPhone event. I'm excited — iPhone 14 rumors... ignored! But I've also got some advice here to help motivate you to get your butt in motion...

Does Apple REALLY Make The iPad Pro Less Pro... On Purpose?

Going over some behind the scenes info on the latest iPad video and talking about some other stuff I've been interested by lately as well.

Awesome Smart Home Upgrade (DOUBLE Episode)

As promised, here's a link to Jarvis my AI writing assistant: https://bit.ly/3y0Sv0w

The Apple Reminders App Just Got GOOD!

Breaking down what I've been up to lately and what's new in my personal Apple ecosystem!

Never Forget Your AirPods + No Case iPhone Life + Building Wealth & More!

There's a little of everything here... some Apple talk, some business talk, some BTS stuff...

Something BIG Is Happening...

Aside from the regular Apple and "Chris" stuff we usually talk about, I want to talk a little about a big opportunity that's popped up for DailyTekk...

Adventures In Xbox Buying, What Sponsors I Allow & Why, Maintaining Uniqueness & More!

There's a lot of random stuff in this episode. It's definitely just a hangout sessions. If you need to kill an hour, stick this on in the background!

iPadOS 15 Disappointment? + What It's Like Being In Press Briefings & More

This is a bit of a double episode since I recorded an episode BEFORE WWDC and didn't get around to editing it until THIS week. Enjoy the extra content!

New iMac, iPad Thunderbolt Storage, WWDC & More!

This episode is all over the place. Plenty of Apple and iPad to discuss + what I've been up to lately!

I'm Back! Where I Went + Answering Your Questions

This is a super wide ranging (and longer than normal) episode. I talk about what happened to AppleHype, the new look of the set, books I'm reading, answer some questio...

Yikes! THIS Is Why Apple's Privacy Push MATTERS

In this episode: Apple now lets you track non-Apple devices using the Find My app, who could be the next CEO of Apple, a day in the life of your data and why Apple's p...

WWDC 2021: What To Expect! + Which Mac To Buy Now + More!

What will WWDC bring this year? What Mac should you buy right now? What's the difference between the move and exercise rings on your Apple Watch? All this and more in ...

The Beginning of a New Era (Hey It's Chris!)

Today the DailyTekk AfterParty pivots to a new name: Hey It's Chris! Same great content... just a shiny new name.

New 11" iPad Leaks? + Amazon Refurbished iPhones, iPhone 12 Mini Disappointment & More!

In this episode: Mac SSD issues, Apple Watch keeps saving lives, iPhone 12 Mini production cut, Amazon renewed iPhones, target leaks new iPads and what's new with Chri...

Discussing The Best iPad Tips Video Ever

I just published a YouTube vid titled: The Most Useful iPad Tips Video Ever and in this episode I break it down a bit more and give some behind the scenes info. I also...

Planning My 2021 Desk & Office Setup

New year, new desk (and office) setup. This is a follow up to the video I just published regarding all the new stuff I've ordered for my workspace. Here I give you mor...

Which Budget Apple Watch: SE or Series 3? + Apple Music Replay & More!

In this episode I talk about whether I have any regrets with the YouTube channel, a new favorite camera of mine (the Insta360 One X2), which budget Apple Watch is the ...

iPhone 12 Cases: Leather or Silicone?! + HomePod Home Theater Mode & More!

From Nvidia GeForce Now bringing Fortnite back to iPads and iPhones to iPhone 12 cases to HomePods and more, we're covering a lot of ground in not too much time in thi...

Apple's New M1 Chip Explained + 5 Reasons Why It's A Big Deal

In this episode we talk all about Apple's new M1 chip and the new Macs it's powering along with some iPad productivity talk, some new purchases I've made and lots more!

Apple One Bundle Launch Day! How Much Money Can You Save?!

We talk Apple One, MagSafe cases (your non-MagSafe case without magnets just *might* work anyways) and lots more Apple news and DailyTekk behind the scenes info!

SO MANY New Apple Products In The House!

This was a busy week. The iPad Air showed up today... along with some accessories. Earlier this week the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro showed up. I've been busy unboxing lots o...

My iPhone 12 preorder, HomePod Mini thoughts & more

In this episode I talk about the new recording space and share some thoughts on the latest Apple event as well as the rumored event scheduled for midway through next m...

A Mini iPhone 12?!

After a short discussion of whats new with DailyTekk we dive into the upcoming iPhone 12 sizes, Apple Watch bands and more!

Reacting To Apple's September Event & Announcements

From the new services to the new Watches and iPads, this is a pretty broad overview of everything new we got and my initial thoughts!

"Apple One" Is Coming...

This week we're taking a break from the rumors about the upcoming Apple event and just kinda keep it chill by talking about other Apple and Apple-adjacent topics inclu...

Lets Talk Apple Watch 6 Rumors + Getting Into Short Films

In this episode we're talking Apple Watch Series 6 rumors (plastic?!) and lots more. Join our new Discord server: https://discord.gg/JUaY9wq

I Got Featured On Apple's Website + Drooling Over iPhone 12 Camera Rumors

Apple featured me on the Final Cut Pro X website and I heard some iPhone 12 Pro rumors about camera updates I'm definitely going to need ASAP!

Safari FINALLY Destroys Chrome in macOS Big Sur!

In this episode we're talking about one of macOS' top new features plus I give some real talk on YouTube sponsorships and some useful how-tos!

Apple vs Fortnite Maker Epic - Good Or Bad For Consumers?

In this episode we talk about the developer of popular game Fortnite taking on Apple, we talk about the best iPad Pro keyboards (Logitech Folio Touch vs Magic Keyboard...

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